The Cacho Martinez Family


Missions Board:

Beacon Baptist International Missions

P.O Box 5907

Johnson City, TN  37602


Honduras Address:

Colonia:Ideal 15th Ave., 8th St.,  House #683

San Pedro Sula,

Cortes, Honduras


My beloved, Pastors, churches and brothers in the faith, it is an honor to be able to address you through this prayer letter.  Praying that each one of you are enjoying the peace and joy of the Lord.

These last months have been hard work in the work of the Lord, what a privilege for us. As a church and individually we go out into the streets to spread the seed of the gospel with much joy and satisfaction, seeing the results of several visits, who have heard the gospel and continue to come to church. Pray for them to make the decision to receive Christ as their savior.
Pray for our missionary Ramon. Our Church decided to support him for the construction of an apartment. Recently, I was in Guatemala for a week helping build the apartment. Thanks to the Lord we managed to build the walls & ceiling. There are no windows and doors at this time. Missionary Richard Ciarrocca provided for the floor.
God has given me the opportunity to preach in different church plants in the area, supporting them in evangelism, missionary, youth and revival conferences, what a privilege!
In addition, my beloved, building the church building already goes to 60% Glory to the Lord. We thank all those who have believed and supported this project that began with the terrain and continues with the building thanks. Richard Ciarrocca, Cornerstone, East Side, and Maranatha, Thank you for the special offerings for the construction and also the churches that support us monthly thank you.
Now my beloved ones, I ask for your prayers and if the Lord puts them to support us more for the building will be of great blessing.
This February 28th is the 7th Anniversary of the Church and we want to celebrate it in the new building, it will be a wonderful gift for this Church. Please, let us celebrate the anniversary of the church in the new building, although it is not completely finished.

We ask for your prayers, that we may find Grace before the people to preach the gospel to them, for Revival in the church, for provision for my family and me and for safety. We are so grateful to you for your support in prayer and financial support. We are your ambassadors here in Honduras and we strive to represent them, most worthily, working hard and leaving the result to the Lord.
We love you and thank you all again, from Honduras with love in Christ

Your missionaries The Cachos.