Friend of Israel Day - Oct 12, 2014

9:45-10:15-Questions about(Geopgraphy & History)/Special Gift given to kids & Adults/Flag Pins to 1st 50 adults

10:15-11 - Missionary to preach and sing/Presentation for future church plants / Special offering at end of service

11:15-12:15 - Preaching and Needs of churches in Israel / Regular choir and church singing

12:20-1:45 - Lunch in Fellowship Hall

*Special cook off for Potluck Dinner

*Israeli Dsh to be Judged by Bro. Alex

*Dish Judged for Authenticity, Flavor, & Presentation

*First Place $50 gift card to nice restaurant *Second Place - $25 gift card to restaurant

2:00-3:00 - Missionary to Preach and sing and then lead prayer for Jewish People