The Cacho Martinez Family


Missions Board:

Fundamental Baptist
World-Wide Missions
Memphis, TN


Honduras Address:

Colonia:Las Vegas 14
15th Ave. / 8th St.
House #1425
San Pedro Sula, Cortes, HN

Beloved Pastors, Churches, and Brethren in the Faith, Grace and Peace be with you all in the Lord Jesus Christ. Brethren it is always an honor to write to you and tell you of the trials and blessing we are going thru with the Lord Jesus Christ at our side.

Our desire is that: you all might be enjoying the blessings of the Lord or if you are going thru trials that you might be enjoying the companionship of our Saviour who has never left us alone in our trials. I want to begin by telling you that: the construction of the church building is about 75% completed, thanks to the Lord and all those that have been so inclined to be used of the Lord in this work in this part of the world called Honduras.

We have had much opposition by one of our neighbors (a woman) and by the municipality of San Pedro Sula. They are requiring us to have six parking spaces at the church. However the Lord is accomplishing his work and is delivering us forward in this and we hope all this will be resolved very quickly. Please pray for this situation. Apart from this, our bus broke down and is a problem when this happened. We have been trying to repair it for the last month and finally with the Lord’s help we have repaired it. This Little bus carries more than 20 persons counting the adults and children. This bus is very necessary for our work. They sold us another small bus for $1500.00 which we are making payments. There are things we need to fix but little by little we will do it.

But in the middle of all these trials the Lord has never left us and always strengthens us, provides for us, encour-ages us, and comforts us as only he can do. Sometimes we don’t understand but when I hold on with all my strength from him while the storm passes, I am always persuaded that he will never permit something to do me harm because he loves me too much to take pleasure in doing me harm. He has demonstrated to me that there is always a holy purpose in all that he does and all that he allows in my life.

Beloved brethren we have had a great blessing. A sister in our church invited a teenager to come to our church and the teenager accepted. Her name is Escarlett. This Sunday in the morning service, she believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour. She left filled with joy to her house. Her mother noted the difference in her daughter and she decided to come and see what happened to her daughter. She could not understand what happened. The following Sunday she came with Escarlett and brought her two children, Maicol and Lizet. They listened to the Word of God but did not make decisions. The following Sunday the mother returned with one of the children but not Maicol. The mother Rosaura heard the message and she made a decision to believe on the Lord as saviour. She told me that I preached clearly but that was not the reason she accepted. She said that the Lord touched her heart and that is why she accepted. During the week my wife spoke to Escarlett and she told her that her sister Lizet could not wait to get to church to hear the message and put her faith in Christ.

This afternoon a Young person named Mercy, who had been coming to church for a month had many questions. I listened to her and answered her questions. I asked her how she had been saved. She said that a pastor put his hands on her head and prayed for her and that she got saved by this method. I explained that the Bible says that if we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in our hearts that God had raised him from the dead we would be saved, she understood and asked the Lord to forgive her and save her. The following Sunday came sister Rosaura with her three children: Escarlett, Lizet, and Maicol. This time Maicol believed in the Lord as Saviour and Lord. Sister Mercy came also. They were all very joyful and the church was greatly encouraged, thank the Lord. We continue to go door to door talking about the Lord Jesus Christ. We have about 20 to 25 brethren going eve-ry week, glory to the Lord.

We continue to ask for your prayers. We are much appreciative for your love, your prayers, and you financial help.

With much love in Christ, your missionaries in Honduras
The Cachos